McGrath Vet Facilities in Tralee

Surgical Facilities

Soft Tissue Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery (bones and joints)
Gas Anaesthesia
High spec monitors during surgery like ECG Heart Monitors, blood pressure, CO2 monitors). These ensure your pet is as safe as possible while under anaesthetic.
Intensive Care Facilities

Isolation Facilities

(For infectious diseases like Parvo): This reduces the chance of any outbreaks of infectious diseases at the hospital.

In-House Laboratory

This allows us to run our own in-house blood tests within minutes on demand. No waiting for 3 days!
Blood tests include: Haematology, Biochemistry, Cat Aids (FIV), Feline Leukemia, Thyroid Testing, Parvo, Fitness Testing (sports dogs), Pre-surgery blood to make sure older animals are fit for surgery.
Ultrasound Scanners. We have two scanners on site. These can be used to diagnose pregnancy or many internal diseases .


Commonly called a scope. This is a flexible camera that can be used to look down into the mouth, throat, lungs, stomach and intestines to check for disease or foreign objects.


Commonly known as an X-Ray. This allows us to assess fractures/suspected broken bones. We use digital X ray which is computerised and only takes around 5 mins to do.

Dental Service

We can scale, polish and drill teeth with our high spec dental machine. Extractions can also be performed.